Music Tracks

These are the songs we are working on. Click here to preview current and previous work. And to view a sample of the Music accompaniment book, click here [ 1 or 2].

Track Song Name Genre
1 Ahwal Musiqa (I Adore Music) Tango Valse Argentine
2 Ummi (My Mom) Baroque Pop
3 Tayarati (My Kite) Bollywood Music
4 Ghanni Ya Asfour (Sing Oh Bird) Renaissance Music
5 Arrabi3 (Spring) Viennese Waltz
6 Hirri (My Kitten) Reggae 
7 Biladi (My Country) Choral Symphony
8 Hayya Bina (Let’s Go) Celtic Music
9 Eid al-Um (Mother’s Day) Balkan brass
10 Tkhayal (Imagine) Hip-hop
11 Raqsat Al-Ghazal (Dance Of the Gazelle) Oriental Dance (Belly dance)
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