About the Project


This project has two main objectives. One to get children to appreciate and enjoy reading in the classical Arabic language and second to give a proper foundation in music appreciation to these young receptive ears.

The project is influenced by Shinichi Suzuki (1898–1998), a pioneer who established a revolutionary method in music learning. His method is based on the well established principle in language acquisition, where a child learns to speak before learning to read. Actually Mr. Suzuki considers music as a language. Similarly,  as hearing proper pronunciation is essential to the acquisition of the proper accent in learning languages, the same applies to music learning, whereby the student needs to hear high quality sounds and instruments played by professional musicians at an early stage.

This project, Essential Music Genres in Arabic, is composed of 11 Arabic songs, where each song addresses a different genre/music style, such as Rock, Baroque, Pop, Reggae, Renaissance, Irish, Oriental and Waltz.

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